I wanted to let you know that ……………. the students, they said that your sessions with them really helped them break through their barriers. They said your classes were challenging but also the most rewarding and that they are all so grateful to you for pushing them and helping them let go of their insecurities, reach new emotional plateaus, and find their voice.


Both presentations went extremely well however, and I won a prize for best presentation by an Honours student. Thanks very much for your help, your guidance was much appreciated. B.M. Faculty of Business. University of Queensland


A review from first year actor from a private school

I just wanted to say thank you for teaching us all the beautiful lessons not only in voice work and acting but also life. You truly are a beautiful soul and even though at times you are very hard core, it pays off for a good performance. You have helped me grow exponentially in the confidence within myself as a person and also my voice as an actor. Your harsh criticism is what makes you one of the best because we know we truly have someone who cares about us and our careers, helping and guiding us to be the better versions of ourselves. Thank you, thank you, thank you Dianne!
Much Love, Chelsea x

Anna Mulheran Actor, Sydney

I have come so far, and I am so proud of myself.And…It’s thanks to great people like you Di xx

For believing in me, for taking me under your wing…for putting up with my acting and all my talking , for just making time for me.

And for as long as you’ll have me, I will continue to stay in touch ( through Skype now)  and seek your golden knowledge and wisdom that I greatly look up to and value xx  A

Sophie Dillman

Working under the incredible guidance of Dianne was, and is, a life changing experience. Dianne’s finely tuned ear was able to pinpoint my vocal issues and implement fun and rewarding goals to begin my journey.

She tirelessly worked to improve my diction, punctuation, vocal range, volume and performance technique. I would not be able to call myself a working actor without her patience and dedication.

The greatest lesson I have learnt in my life: communication is key. Dianne not only improved how I sounded through vocal work, but also improved my posture, presence, movement and networking abilities; without these I would be lost. I am forever grateful and will continue to be coached by Dianne.

Sophie Dillman

Home and Away

Fran Bennett

Dianne Eden is a compelling, analytical, instinctual and sensitive teacher of voice, who is able to help you with any voice problems. Dianne’s critical eyes and ears, and her attention to detail enhance her ability to change lives.

Fran Bennett

Head of Acting/Director of Performance
California Institute of the Arts, Los Angeles

Josh Helman

Dianne is one of a kind. I often look back on my time in her tutelage and thank goodness that I learned what I did. Even all these years later, I can return to what I learned under Di and know that I have a strong base to take me into a deep, truthful understanding of being a performer.

Josh Helman

Mad Max: Fury Road, X Men: Days of Future Past, X Men: Apocalypse

Nathaniel Hodges

I had never heard of a voice coach before. I had heard of an acting coach. However, once in the studio with Dianne it became very apparent that everything was very interconnected.

I had no expectation and have always been open to new ways of thinking. The position I am in requires a great deal of presenting and the facilitation of ideas.

After adopting the technique I learned with Di I was able to project my voice and ideas with less effort and far more vocal power. Dianne also has the ability to teach and guide in a way that coerced me into a kind of personal character development, which added another layer of value to her service.

Nathaniel Hodges

Academy Director