Putting your best voice forward: the first and perhaps the most impacting impression.

  • Does your voice truly reflect your individual capabilities?
  • Does your voice enable you to achieve the most in your career?
  • Does your voice resonate with your audience, in the boardroom, on stage, or at a conference?
  • Does your acting suffer because your vocal instrument is weak?

Uniquely yours, your voice is one of the first impressions you make when meeting an individual, a group, or a room full of people.  Your physical appearance portrays only a minor aspect of your overall presentation but, when you speak, your audience immediately assesses you. As a director, an innovator, a mentor or an aspiring leader, putting your best voice forward will bring you professional and personal rewards.

Develop the tools to create a strong, authentic, and responsive voice that communicates your distinct identity, and conveys confidence and credibility.

Give yourself a one-on-one professional voice coaching session and begin using your voice to help achieve your professional ambitions.

Learn to manage any performance anxiety and understand how to master your own voice so that you can present your ideas and opinions with conviction and success.

Voice Coaching Sessions

What sessions will include:

  • Individualised assessment, feedback and planning
  • Communication fundamentals
  • Breath support
  • Vocal quality improvement
  • Speech and language proficiency
  • Audience engagement techniques
  • Performance anxiety management and confidence building skills
  • Voice coaching available in person or via Skype

What you can expect to gain from your tailored voice coach program

  • Find your optimum voice
  • Cultivate a strong speaking presence
  • Develop the ability to effectively articulate your message
  • Establish a vocal quality that is authentic and charismatic
  • Acquire the ability to engage and empower your audience
  • Improve your confidence in delivering speeches, presentations or pitches

Who is it for?

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For professionals who want to master their voice and develop a commanding presence in the workplace.
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For actors, beginners or experienced, who want to free their voice, broaden their emotional and creative potential, and enhance audition readiness.

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For individuals who want to become a charismatic and compelling communicators in every aspect of their daily lives and in all social encounters.