Vocal Warms up and Workouts Coming Soon

Any moment now this site will offer various work outs and warm ups for your voice.  You can download them and play them at your convenience.  It’s hard to motivate yourself  (I’ve never done any of the exercises any Physio has given me for more than a few days!) so now you can use me for motivation.   Or, if you don’t know my work, you can do a Zoom session with me and I will design a bespoke work out for you. Make no mistake, the most communicable and easy to listen to voices always get the role, get the job etc.  Directors don’t like to take risks.   You know yourself you become very tired of voices  eg “Kardashian throat sound”, or voices that  drone on in a nasal way.  Or, voices that are not emotionally accessible enough to bring a script to life.

So my friends, I hope this new little enterprise of mine is going to be useful to you.  I do hope so.  Let me know.


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