Vocal Workouts

Audio Voice Coaching Sessions

If your life requires you to use your voice to: sell, counsel, love, console, sing, speak out, speak up, explain, persuade, warn, describe, act, entertain, coach, stimulate, motivate, communicate, educate, influence, invoke, defend, read aloud, tell jokes, be a celebrant, announce trains or planes, explain the brace position on an aircraft, address a meeting or take the Chair, direct a team, plead a case, pre-set your voice for success and confidence, purchase one of my MP3 audio files.

Click on the “Buy Now Button” to select your session. You will receive an email with a link and password to access your file.  You can use the link and password to access the secure webpage as often as you like. 

They are available via Paypal.

Drive Time Warm Up (AUD$20)

Use 20 mins of your drive -time or your walking- the- dog time or your cycling-time, to warm-up your voice,  A fast, fun and efficient way to arrive ready to speak confidently.

40 mins Intense Voice Training (AUD$30)

40 mins intense voice training to find your authentic voice. Breathing, tone, resonance, flexibility, clarity.

Linklater Voice Training – Free your Authentic Voice (AUD$40)

Part 1 (30mins): Whole body/mind awareness Breathing, Touch of Sound, Vibrations.
Part 2 (30mins): Channel for voice, Resonation, Emotional range, Articulation, Clarity.

 Q. How can these Voice Coaching files benefit me?

A. Should you even suspect  your voice and language skills need an uplift, you will be right.  Trust your instincts and check them out.

Does your voice truly reflect the potential you feel you have?  Too many voices  sound  weak or whiney while other voices seem to be trapped in the throat  –  don’t be that voice.   You can learn to speak with a confident , free and authentic sound which carries your message to a target.  Here is your first tip:   it is not the language, but the speaker the listener wants to hear.

  • Are you a professional voice user?  Do you know how to preserve your voice for a lifelong career as a speaker?
  • If you are a personal trainer you must enthuse your clients over loud music in the gym. Why not take as much care with your voice as you take with your body?
  • Young medicos or recently arrived medicos: why not work with a voice coach to help you succeed in your Viva and interviews?
  • Courtroom performance issues, including witness preparation.
  •  Maybe your Trans Voice transition and health is an issue?
  • Does your vocal presence offer the right amount of gravitas when you present in the boardroom, interview,  on set, stage,  or conference?

You’ll walk away with:

  1. An understanding of how your voice and body carry habitual tensions and the awareness of how to undo them.
  2. The knowledge and tools to improve your vocal quality and deal with the anxiety issues which go hand in hand with public speaking of any kind.
  3. Insight into how to align this knowledge with your work and personal life.
  4. A Personal Development Plan to maximise your vocal development over a period of time.