My MP3 Audio workouts now available

Thank you for the feedback on my audio workouts. There are more coming – the next one will be a 10 min quickie voice warm up. The kind of voice work I offer you promises you more than just a hardy voice: it promises you a personal boost; it reminds you that the much quoted saying you are enough must be heard and applied. Truly, if you say it and mean it, a  metaphorical load lifts off your shoulders as your nervous system responds. Then your diaphragm will  rise and fall as it will, your throat will open, and therefore your tone will sound more connected.   All this because you are showing generosity to yourself by believing that you are enough.   Your heart, mind and emotions will be as one in your voice. I know I sound a bit hippy-dippy but I have been teaching this work for a very long time and know that it works.  I am not a bit hippy-dippy really.  I am a experienced professional coach.  I do love the work though. Enough about me – what about you?

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